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One-core wire APV (АПВ)
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One-core wire APV (АПВ)

Wire with aluminum core and insulation from PVC plasticate


APV is intended for electric facilities at stationary wiring in lightning and power networks and also for installation of electric equipment, machines, machinery and machine tools units at rated voltage up to 450V (for networks up to 450/750 V) with frequency up to 400 Hz or constant voltage up to 1000 V. APV is intended for laying in steel pipes, in hollow canals of building units, trays. АPV is designed for fix installation. АPV is stable for mechanical shocks and vibratory load, effect of mold fungi. APV do not propagate fire. Foreign equivalent of the wire can be found here.


Quality is regulated by:

GOST 6323-79.


Structure :

  • 1. Core – aluminum, single –wire or multi – wire with various forms of flexibility (1 class – cross- sectional area from 2,5 - 16 mm², 2 class - with crosscut from 25 mm² - 120 mm²);
  • 2. Insulation - PVC plasticate of various colors;
  • 3. Without outer sheath.



  • operating temperature from -50 ºС up to +70 ºС;
  • maximum permissible reheat temperature of wire during operation +70 ºС;
  • installation and laying of wires without the preheating realizes with the temperature not lower than -15°С;
  • minimum bending radius by wire laying: 10 wire diameters for wire;
  • service life – not more than 15 years.