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Power cable VVG, VVG-P (ВВГ, ВВГ-П)
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Power cable VVG, VVG-P (ВВГ, ВВГ-П)

Power cable with aluminum cores in PVC insulation, in sheath from PVC plasticate


VVG is one of the most popular conductors which is used to install wiring in the lodgments, electric power stations and industrial objects, in distributive and illuminative equipment and in different industrial devices and machines. VVG is intended for electric energy transmission and distribution at nominal alternated voltage 0,66 kV and 1 kV and frequency of 50 Hz. Foreign equivalent of the cable can be found here.


Quality is regulated by:

GOST 16442-80, DSTU 4809:2007.


Structure :

  1. 1. Core – aluminum, round or sector form with cross-sectional area from 1,5 mm² - 240 mm²;
  2. 2. Insulation - insulated PVC plasticate;
  3. 3. Sheath - PVC plasticate;
  4. 4. Quantity of cores - one insulated or stranded from 2-5 cores.



  • operating temperature from -50 ºС up to +50 ºС;
  • maximum permissible reheat temperature of cores during operation +70 ºС;
  • maximum permissible reheat temperature of cores in malfunction +80 ºС (with duration of work not more than 8 hours per day and 1000 hours for the whole period of exploitation);
  • maximum temperature at short circuit – +160 ºС;
  • installation and laying of cables without the preheating realizes with the temperature not lower than -15°С;
  • minimum bending radius by cable laying:
  • - 10 cable diameters for single-core cables,
  • - 7,5 cable diameters for multicore cables;
  • service life – not more than 30 years.