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Connecting wire SHVVP (ШВВП)
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Connecting wire SHVVP (ШВВП)

Soft wire with parallel copper cores with PVC insulation in PVC sheath


Wire of SHVVP mark is intended to connect electric appliances, lamps, kitchen electromechanical appliances, electronics, devices in dwelling houses and administrative buildings to power network. SHVVP is also used to manufacture extension cords at voltage up to 380 V for network 380/380 V. Foreign equivalent of the wire can be found here.


Quality is regulated by:

GOST 7399-97, DSTU 4809:2007, DSTU 4216-2003.



  1. 1. Core – copper or copper-tined, multi-wire, of round form and 5 flexibility class with cross-sectional area 0,5/0,75 mm²;
  2. 2. Quantity of cores – 2 or 3. The cores are placed in parallel way;
  3. 3. Insulation - PVC plasticate;
  4. 4. Sheath - PVC plasticate. Wire is made with sheath of white, blue, yellow, red, green, brown, grey or black colors.



  • operating temperature:
  • - for climatic implementation of category U (1, 2, 3) - from -40 ºС up to +45 ºС;
  • - for climatic implementation of category Т and UXL (4) - from -25 ºС up to +45 ºС;
  • maximum permissible reheat temperature of current-conducting wire during operation +70 ºС;
  • minimum bending radius: 30 mm;
  • no-failure operating time - not less than 5000 hours;
  • service life – not more than 6 years, for wires in stationary appliances – not less than 10 years.