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Uninsulated aluminum wire A
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Uninsulated aluminum wire A

Bare wire, stranded from aluminum wires


Uninsulated wire A is intended for power energy transmission in air power network, in land of all macroclimate areas, except humid tropical and dry. Uninsulated wire is used for power transmission line, for electrified transport lines, at substations and distributive devices, at distributive circuits of electric machines and appliances, where air environment is used as insulator. Foreign equivalent of the wire can be found here.


Quality is regulated by:

GOST 839-80.


Structure :

  1. 1. Core – aluminum, multi-wire with cross-sectional area from 10 to 1500 mm²;
  2. 2. Strand is made from aluminum wires, stranded in proper twisting. Strands of near-by coils are directed in opposite sides and external coil has right strand direction.



  • operating temperature from -60 ºС up to +40 ºС;
  • maximum permissible reheat temperature of cores during operation not more than +90 ºС;
  • minimum bending radius by wire laying - 10 external dimensions of wire;
  • service life – not more than 45 years.



(Conversion table of A mark cable kg/km, km/kg))