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Wires for ELP

Constructing ELP copper, aluminum, steel-aluminum, insulated and uninsulated (bare) wires are used. Uninsulated wires are represented with A marks, insulated – with SIP (СІП) mark.

SIP is a system of stranded wires (phasic, null and additional), insulated with light-stabilized polyethylene or analogical polymeric composition, that doesn’t require cable messenger.

SIP is used for trunk air electrical networks and branches to entering in dwelling, economic buildings. High strength and resistance to mechanic damage of SIP provide uninterrupted supply of electricity, working even in difficult climatic and aggressive chemical conditions.

Advantages of wire are: high security service, no risk of damage at a contact of phase wires under voltage, work safety in the proximity to ELP. Read more>>Advantages and disadvantages of SIP

The widespread types of SIP: SIP 1, SIP 2, SIP 3, SIP 4, SIP 5. SIP without diffusing burning in solitary laying marks with „n” („н”).

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