About us

Our enterprise was formed on base of closed joint-stock company “Prykarpattia” which started its activity in 1939. “Prykarpattia” was small-sized company and joined several separated workshops, which were situated on the territory of Kolomyia.

In the 1968 “Prykarpattia” began to familiarize production of cable-wire products. It becomes the priority direction of enterprise activity and development of the region as a whole. The powerful push to enterprise development was made by strike of brown coal field in the Lviv region. Decision of the Council of Ministers USSR to change the specialization of Carpathian miners to cablemen was an additional impulse to development.

During the collapse of USSR, some of subsidiaries and structural subdivisions of closed joint-stock company “Prykarpattia” passed the privatization procedure and transformed into joint ownership or private property and some of them stopped their existence.

“Prykarpatkabel” was founded in 11 May 2000.

On the stage of forming, company worked with only one press-line and limited cable-wires production spectrum.

2000-2008 enterprise ran as processing industry on customer’s scheme of payments.

In 2009 company followed new strategy of development and worked as self-sufficient and diversified enterprise. During this time second press line was put into operation. It gave possibility to manufacture wires of middle cross-section and wires with colored stripes. Began to run stranded wires line for overhead transmission line and also for process engineering of double insulation wires.

Nowadays range of products includes wide spectrum of cable-wires products, in particular: power aluminum cable, aluminum wire, power cooper cable, wire with cooper core, wire with cooper core of higher flexibility, power flat cooper cable, insulated wire for aerial lines, flex with stranded cores, low flame power cables.

Factory management continues to implement the strategy of modern diversified and self-sufficient enterprise. Company works on expansion the nomenclature. Upgrading the production quality, improvement of released products packing and modernization of technological base are key priorities of the enterprise.

Company constantly develops, pays all efforts to satisfy all customers’ needs and always try to be up-to date one. We are ready for collaboration and we will consider all initiatives for beneficial cooperation.