Power cables

This cables are used for distribution or transmission of elec trical energy in stationary equipment.


Installation wires

Wires are intended for electric energy distribu tion in power and lightning networks laying outdoors and indoors.


Electric cords

Cords are used to connect domestic machines and similar appliances to power network.


Wires for ELP

These wires are used for power energy transmission in air power network.


“Prykarpatkabel” was founded in 11 May 2000.

Our company specializes in producing of cable-conductive production. Since the moment of foundation till the present days the equipment modernization is done, new technologies are embedded, new production lines are placed in operation. Thanks to this, the range of products increases and improves the quality of production.

“Prykarpatkabel” constantly develops to satisfy all customers’ needs and to be up-to date one.

Among numerous producers of cable wire, our enterprise is differentiated with flexible price policy and easy adaptation to market conditions. We are ready for collaboration and we will consider all initiatives for beneficial cooperation.


Price index for polymers

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Rate of exchange

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